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Building environments that Unlock Your Personal Style

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First Impressions 

              are what we

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Do You Know the Science behind Color?


Did you Know there is Link between Color and Emotion?  


Simply put, your subconscious mind is attracted to the colors that indicate your passionate pursuits and not attracted to colors that highlight issues you tend to avoid.   


The effects of color are subtle and significant; physical and psychological. Wherever we go, we respond to color,  but the importance of color is often underestimated. 


Whether its choosing paint colors, room layout,

affordable furnishings, window treatments or a total remodel, we pay attention to every detail from visualization to realization.


Call now and let Karen build an environment that

Unlocks Your Personal Style!




                                                     Karen Downey  IDS,DCC

                                                                "The Problem Solver"

                                                             Custom Interiors FL